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Washtenaw Geriatrics

Conveniently located within Washtenaw Medicine, our geriatric health care professionals provide diagnostic and treatment services complete with in-house X-rays, blood tests, EKG's, and bone density tests.

Geriatric specialists Evan Morrison, MD and Cara Zitterman, ANP, evaluate and treat the health problems that often become more numerous with advancing age, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disorders, arthritis, and pain management. We also manage Alzheimer’s and other dementias, depression, and gait disorders. For each patient, we aim to provide compassionate care and help with referrals to other specialists when necessary.

We are proud to have Debra Longo, a licensed masters social worker, to our group.  In addition to medical care, our comprehensive geriatric care attends to the psychological, social, and functional needs of our patients.  Services provided are partially covered by Medicare. 

Our Washtenaw Medicine billing department can help our patients and their families understand Medicare and other insurance coverage.

A patient "drop off" area provides easy access for wheel chairs. Ample parking is available near the building entrance. 

Washtenaw Geriatrics providers::

Evan Morrison, MD

Debra Longo, LMSW
Cara Zitterman, ANP