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Pediatricians are specialists who function as the primary care physician for children from birth to age 18.  Pediatrics differs from adult medicine in more than just body size.  Childhood is a period maturation of various body systems as well as physical growth.  Pediatricians are not only concerned with preventative health maintenance for healthy children and medical care for children who are acutely or chronically ill, but also with genetic variance and developmental issues.  Pediatricians diagnose and treat the following:

  • infections
  • injuries
  • genetic defects
  • organic diseases and dysfunctions

A subtle difference between pediatrics and adult medicine is that issues of guardianship, privacy, legal responsibility, and informed consent are considered in caring for minors.  Adolescents present their own class of legal issues and in certain circumstances have rights to their own health care decisions and privacy.

At Washtenaw Medicine our pediatricians are board certified and have years of additional training to recognize the difference between normal variants and abnormal pathology.  They manage the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their patients in all stages of development including:

  • behavioral difficulties
  • developmental disorders
  • functional problems
  • social stresses
  • depression or anxiety

Washtenaw Medicine Pediatric Providers